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Our Mission: Sparking Lifelong Curiosity

Our mission is to spark lifelong curiosity and inspire the innovators of tomorrow. We believe that every child has the potential to change the world, and we're here to provide the spark that sets them on their path of discovery.


Our Journey: Where Imagination Meets Innovation

Our story began with a simple dream – to create a space where children could learn and play, where imagination could roam free, and where every birthday could be an extraordinary adventure. As we embarked on this journey, we realised that education shouldn't be confined to classrooms, and celebrations should be more than just cake and balloons. That's how The Whiz Lab was born - a place where imagination meets innovation.

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Meet the Team

Meet the dream builders behind The Whiz Lab. We’re not your ordinary team; we’re a passionate group of innovators, educators, and party enthusiasts. We’re the architects of smiles, the orchestrators of laughter, and the curators of curiosity.

Shivani Kapadia

Founder & Chief Creator

Abhishek Agarwal


Priti A

Head - Bangalore Ops

Marzban Irani



Head - Training & Faculty

Pranay P

Design Lead


Stay Tuned for More

At The Whiz Lab we are breaking the monotony of the current education by empowering kids to explore the world of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) while they are most creative and intuitive. At Whiz Lab, kids take the lead on their projects, exploring different solutions to their questions without the pressure of finding a single "right" answer. This fosters creative thinking through hands-on exploration and analytical reasoning. We nurture every child's curiosity and their natural desire to understand the world. By tinkering with diverse materials and experimenting with design, kids begin to grasp the scientific concepts behind their creations. All our courses are completely hands-on, where building, rebuilding, learning, and asking endless questions are encouraged!

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