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At The Whiz Lab, we disrupt conventional education by empowering kids to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at the peak of their creativity.

We view tinkering as a cross-disciplinary adventure, bridging art, science, and technology, fostering creative thinking without the pressure of ‘right’ answers.

We celebrate every child’s innate curiosity, encouraging them to make sense of the world through hands-on projects, where science unfolds. Our courses are entirely interactive, promoting exploration, experimentation, learning from mistakes, and inquisitive minds.

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Our Happy Parents

It's one of the best robotics courses! My daughter developed a super interest in science, especially when she created various live experiments after each concept. Shivani has also been very patient with the kids and has always been hospitable and warm to all their queries. I'm looking forward to more programs with Whiz Lab. Thank you so much, Whiz Lab! You guys’ rock!

Urmi Saiyan CEO

I would recommend Whiz Lab to every parent. My daughter is more into dolls than machines, but she was so engrossed in one of the Whiz Lab classes that I was happy. The concepts of science are very simply explained to the children using everyday objects and examples around us. We were also given a toolkit with which my child made a drawing robot. She even exhibited it in her school science exhibition and was praised for it! Thank you, Whiz Lab team

Sunaina Parekh CEO

Wizz Lab is outstanding when it comes to organizing a birthday party! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the activities of rocket launcher and robot making. The hosts were incredible and kept the kids engaged throughout. The whole event was well-organized and exactly the way we wanted it to be. Thank you, and I highly recommend such learning themes for birthday parties as well!

Sunaina Parekh Parent
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